8501 Tower Point Dr #B24, Charlotte, NC 28227

Veronica Lewis

Artistic Founder & CEO

Unbeknownst to Veronica Lewis growing up, a calling in the cosmetology field that was on her life. She dreamed of being a lawyer, but after attending orientation at Dudley Beauty School with an interested friend, plans changed and she followed her new dream. Her training includes cosmetology school at Dudley Beauty College, Business Administration at Guilford College (Greensboro, NC), and Christian Counseling at Eagles Nest Bible College (Greensboro, NC).

Her bubbly personality, ambition and flair are enjoyed by her clients in addition to her skill set. Veronica believes that style is more than hair that looks great; it’s taking the extra step through skill and passion to enhance the personal appearance of her clients as well as their self-esteem.

Fully investing in the health of her clients’ hair, she began the exclusive use of Influance’s line in 2007. Combining her trust in the brand with being a life-long learner, she took several of their classes and developed a love for their team concept: “One band, one sound.” In December 2012, Veronica fully dedicated herself to the Influance local team in Greensboro, North Carolina. After becoming involved locally, she set her sights on becoming a part of the national team. On September 9, 2013, Veronica was honored to become a National Technician for Influance. This accomplishment helps her live out her motto of “making the world beautiful, one client at a time.”


Keith J. Hutchinson

Brand Manager

Keith Hutchinson, the brand manager for Certified Head Turner, and the Chief Creative Officer of Brand180. Brand180 was built in 2003 to help churches take their business to the next level. We started with church’s because I felt the branding and marketing could really use some work. The design was often done by members who viewed it as a hobby oppose to a profession. So I reached out to offer the proper professional look. Helping them to build their brand, offering logo, websites, mobile application development, flyers and everything in between. From there different projects by various companies just fell into my lap. Sometimes you just know you’re in the will… Designing things has always been a part of my life, and I know that it will always be.

I was building transformers before transformers ever came out. From the early years of creating things with Lego blocks to later designing brands for companies both large and small. Many in different arenas. I met Veronica Lewis the Artistic Founder and CEO of “Certified Head Turner” years ago and she has yet to fall short of amazing. Her young, inspiring, innovative and always ground breaking ideas have always captured my attention. When she decided to flirt with the idea of building her own brand I was immediately ready to commit.

When introduced the brand “Certified Head Turner” I instantly fell in love. The concept, the vision, the motto, the goal, everything about it had my undivided attention. It’s rare that you find a brand to work with and conceptualize on, with a message that resonates with so many people from various walks of like.
“Making the World beautiful one client at a time.”

Whether its your hair or your spirits when you have a certified head turner experience you leave with a new energy, full of life. This was a opportunity I refused to let pass me by. If your in need of some branding or marketing done I can be reached at 336-285-0433. If I don’t answer just leave a message I’m somewhere working on the next “big thing” at Brand180.com


Monique Potts

Natural Hair Stylist

I have always dreamed of being in the beauty industry from the time I could brush my own hair. I graduated from Leon’s Beauty School where I studied cosmetology. I now have a Natural Hair Stylist license and expecting my cosmetology license by the end of the year. Over the past two and a half years I’ve been guided by the best mentor that I could have asked for, Veronica Lewis.

Being an assistant and natural hair stylist for Certified Head Turner has been an amazing journey; this great opportunity has allowed me to meet outstanding people, assist with/ attend hair shows photo shoots and so much more. The most exciting thing of all, I learn new hair techniques. My experiences with Certified Head Turner teaches me how to use my talent to enhance the beauty that already exists… I have adopted and agreed to live by the companies motto “making the world beautiful one client at a time”.


Raesha Emerson


Currently in enrolled at Leon’s Beauty School. Finally pursuing a career in the beauty industry after working 15 years as a Dental assistant. I decided to step out on faith and go back to school to become a Cosmetologist. I love hair and fashion and have always done hair and makeup for my friends and family. I want to become one of North Carolina’s premier stylist. How else to achieve that goal but to work with one of North Carolina’s finest Miss Veronica Lewis. My goal is to give each person I work with a distinct style and look that they will love, and that’s why I choose to train at “Certified Head Turner”.